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Club Kidpreneur is a not-for-profit social enterprise seeking to foster entrepreneurial skills in primary-aged children through teaching them to build and launch their own micro-enterprises through inspiration, education and empowerment of the next generation.

Entrepreneurs are the pioneers who innovate to drive the world forward and create much-needed employment in our communities. To encourage more economies to create jobs for the world’s youth, we must create more entrepreneurs & high-growth businesses through the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. The next generation is where it starts.


Our vision is to empower kids to impact the world for good through entrepreneurial endeavours.

We imagine a world where kids:

  • Use their creativity and initiative to start enterprises to positively impact their communities;
  • Can experiment with both success and challenges at a younger age through fun enterprise;
  • Realise that entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive difference in the world;
  • Have another avenue to excel and explore other than sports, academia or the arts;
  • Are given the opportunity to meet a new community of like-minded kidpreneurs and mentors;
  • Idea of work and opportunity is expanded.


We aim to reach every primary school kid across the globe, to spark their entrepreneurial spirit and build business acumen, confidence and resilience, so they can choose entrepreneurship as their future career and use business as a force for good.


We use interactive education programs to inspire kids to use business to do good and to engage with their local communities.


 Our programs supplement traditional learning with real-world lessons to teach key business principles and interpersonal skills.


 We work to equip kids with confidence and resilience, through personal development.

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