Club Kidpreneur is grateful for the support of our generous partners:

Technology company HP’s mission is to invent technologies and services that drive business value, create social benefit and improve the lives of customers — with a focus on affecting the greatest number of people possible.

HP has chosen Club Kidpreneur to be their company’s exclusive charity partner. HP are supporting us to to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in primary-aged children through financial and in-kind support as well as skilled staff volunteering.

The Halogen National Young Leaders Day events have become one of the largest and most significant student leadership events in Australia. The Halogen Foundation exists to inspire & influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.

The Halogen Foundation provides CK with the opportunity to showcase our exceptional kidpreneurs, teachers and program during their nationwide primary events where over 14,000 attend), to inspire a generation of future leaders who will burn bright. The Foundation holds the National Young Leaders Day events across Australia for over primary and secondary school leaders, inviting leaders from a range of spheres to share their story of leadership and what they have learned along the way.

CleverPatch are a 100% Australian owned craft supplier with a combined 75 years in the craft industry. They’re all about the growth that comes from exploration and freedom of creative expression. They only offer products they are proud of and if it doesn’t exist, they design them personally.

As our Creative Solutions Partner, CleverPatch provide art and craft resources and a suite of instructional resources and ideas to assist our kidpreneurs in using their creativity to turn ideas into products. The core of this partnership is the generous support of Cleverpatch in committing products & services which will enable Club Kidpreneur to deliver their programs and grow for 2015.