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  • I had an enthusiastic child bursting at the seams to keep her business going and head to the markets again as soon as possible. What a sensational conclusion to school holidays.
    Michelle Walsh
  • The Coogee Care Centre kids learnt so much participating in the 8 week period. The once a week hour long session flew past and the kids are left buzzing with ideas and plans for their projects. I think Club Kidpreneur has been a really positive influence on the senior kids, giving them a creative outlet and also inspiring different ways of thinking in regards to career choices and how the world of business works. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who looks after children in this age group.
    Jamie Morris
    Centre Coordinator, Coogee Care Centre
  • This was a wonderful experience for our students. All of our participants have the learning difficulty Dyslexia. Dyslexia is often associated with a tendancy and gift for Business and Entrepreneurial skills so this was most valuable for our kids and have provided them with valuable skills, insight and inspiration for their future.
    Pam Wadsworth
    Defy Dyslexia
  • I’ve accomplished my goal. Today was the best and
    funnest school day I have ever had, ever!
  • My son met Alex through the Club Kidpreneur Ready-Set-Go program mid-2011. At the time Aaron was suffering from severe depression and an extremely low self-esteem. The amount of support and valuable life and business skills he has learnt are immeasurable. Aaron was unable to speak in public, but 6 months on he is now representing his school and able to speak to large audiences. He has had a complete transformation with a very strong business interest and a much better self-esteem.
    Amy Willis

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