Bailey and Luke Defy Dyslexia

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Luke and Bailey with a customer in their SPRAY'D business

Luke and Bailey with a customer in their SPRAY’D business

Best friends Bailey Lucock and Luke Milburn both have dyslexia, which in their words “is hard work”. But that didn’t hamper their participation in the CK Challenge in 2014.

The CK Challenge, is a self-funding, early intervention program that teaches financial literacy and basic business skills to upper-primary students through learning to build a business from scratch, design products and learn to sell them at a market day.

Bailey’s mother, Tracey Lucock said “Kids with dyslexia need to learn in a multi-sensory way – seeing, hearing and doing, and even Bailey and Luke learn in different ways from each other. The Club Kidpreneur program was great, as they could read the book, hear about it through the lessons, watch the videos and then then do it. Their dyslexia didn’t hold them back at all!”

“The teamwork was also a fantastic approach for them. Bailey is more confident and loves to talk to people so he is a great salesperson, whereas Luke is more of a thinker and planner, so working together they complimented each other brilliantly”, says Tracey.

“We wanted to sell our products to kids. We love spray painting things and we love to wear cool flat caps and t-shirts. We put the two together and came up with SPRAY’D – wear your own art. Kids spray paint their own flat caps and t-shirts. To make people stop we did demonstrations and had the samples hung up to give people ideas on designs they could do”, says Bailey Lucock.

Their business SPRAY’D sold $972 worth of product over two weeks at a local market. All profit made ($287.10) has been donated to their chosen charity, Defy Dyslexia, for printing of information kits for Dyslexia Empowerment Week in October 2014.

While they may have graduated from the program, they have decided to keep running this business. “Business is hard work but having dyslexia is hard work as well so we are used to it. We learned to ask each other and our families for help when we weren’t sure of what to do. It was a team effort”, says Luke.

Luke and Bailey were invited to present on stage in front of 3000 people at the Halogen National Young Leaders day, talking about their business, and they were featured in their school newsletter. Tracey said “It has been so inspiring for them. They have both had such a big boost in confidence, and they don’t see dyslexia as such a limitation to their success anymore.”

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