How does this site work?

Club Kidpreneur is an educational, fun and safe website for your kids to use to explore how to set up their own businesses. We support and mentor them, providing the tools and tips to help them succeed. is a free online service inspiring and supporting “kidpreneurs” It provides inspiration for the types of businesses primary-aged children can start and walks them through the steps of setting up their own venture. To join Club Kidpreneur, kids must fill out our online registration form and provide a parent or guardian’s name and email address. The nominated parent/guardian will receive email notification that their child has asked to join Club Kidpreneur. This email will request confirmation that the parent/guardian grants permission for their child to join us. No child’s account is activated nor are their details stored until permission is granted. Once permission is granted, a second email will be sent to the parent/guardian confirming the account information we are storing for their child, including their username and password. The parent/guardian can contact Club Kidpreneur to access their child’s account details at any time or to deactivate their account.

What is my child learning?

Education is at the heart of the Club Kidpreneur experience. Comprehensive teachers’ notes and a full literacy pack including worksheets and fun student activities are available for primary and secondary school use.

The educational aims of the Club Kidpreneur Foundation are to: Encourage kids to expand their knowledge of business and financial literacy Introduce kids to the business environment by providing them with a business learning framework within which to gain exposure. Assist and navigate kids’ business journeys through the use of the Club Kidpreneur website and additional learning resources Encourage kids to reflect upon their own learning Assist teachers and educators in directly achieving the learning outcomes and General Capabilities of the Australian National Curriculum in multiple key learning areas (KLA’s). Encourage kids to share their skills and knowledge with peers, teachers and members of the wider community Enable teachers to implement a relevant literacy unit which can help facilitate a class shared reading, guided reading or independent reading program.

Is Parent/Guardian Involvement Required?

Yes. Parents and guardians must be aware of all online activities undertaken by their children. Parents must be involved in the registration process -an email will be sent to a parent or guardian to gain consent for their childs membership to Club Kidpreneur. Your child will also need your support and help along the way as they progress through getting their business venture up and running. As they”ll be engaging with the public to sell their products and services, adult permission and supervision is essential. Throughout the Kidpreneur program we insist that children obtain parental approval for each step.

Is there social networking on this site?

No. The Club Kidpreneur website has a Kids Biz section which allows kids to post questions and information regarding their business on our centralised “wall” so that our other Kidpreneurs, our network of teachers and adult entrepreneur mentors can give feedback and offer helpful advice and tips.

Kidpreneurs must be signed in to access Kids Biz and their avatar + First Name & the initial of their last name only will be displayed. There is no functionality allowing photographic uploads on the wall at this stage and parents will be advised via email if this changes in the future.

The site is moderated and it is a condition of use that no personal details be provided for public access.

From mid-2014 we plan to offer a business profile page for each kidpreneur who has graduated from the Ready-Set-Go business program and would like to take their business to the next level. When this functionality is launched parents and guardians will be advised of all details pertaining to its usage and a “Terms of Use” policy must be approved before any child is able to set up their business page

Is the Site Moderated?

Yes. We have conditions of use and a privacy statement as part of this. As with any online activities undertaken by kids, we encourage and require parental involvement. We endeavour to remind kidpreneurs of what is appropriate online behaviour and how to stay safe online

Here are some reminders for kidpreneurs: Don’t post any information online which identifies who you are. E.g. phone number, full name, your home address, email address, web addresses, references to any other online profiles or pages you may have, the name of your school, or even sport clubs or other activities you participate in. The only place Club Kidpreneur will ask for some of these details is when you first sign up to the Club by filling out the registration form. We only ask for the absolutely necessary details and these are stored securely and not shared with anyone. Never share any of these details anywhere else on our site. Use an “undercover” codename as your username instead of your real name. Make sure your codename is not inappropriate, rude or offensive. Never share your password with anyone except your parents. Do not post any information online which could be rude, inappropriate, insulting, racist or offensive. If someone says or does something on this website or anywhere on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if they ask for your personal information, stop talking to them and tell your parents right away. Never agree to get together with someone you “meet” online without first checking with your parents. If your parents agree to the meeting, be sure that it is in a public place and bring an adult with you. Do not post any pictures of yourself on the Club Kidpreneur website. You can post heaps of pictures of your business and your products, but make sure you or your friends and family are not in the photos. Always follow your family’s rules for Internet use

You and your kids can learn more about how to keep safe online at

Child Security in Club Kidpreneur Programs

All Club Kidpreneur’s mentors and volunteers are required to undergo a complete Working With Children Check conducted by the relevant state government. This includes a full police check and investigation of prior workplace misconduct. No individual is permitted to participate in Club Kidpreneur’s programs without clearance from their respective state government. Mentors and volunteers are also required to adhere to Club Kidpreneur’s Code of Conduct at all times and will be denied permission to continue working with the Foundation should they be in breach any of these requirements.

Where Club Kidpreneur’s programs are facilitated or run by individuals who are not registered mentors or volunteers with the Foundation (e.g. school teachers, childcare workers, parents, members of community organisations delivering the program to children in their care) Club Kidpreneur takes no responsibility for the qualification or vetting of these individuals. The organisation itself must adhere to its own child security policies and practices. However, reasonable care will be taken to ensure kidpreneurs are in a safe environment during all of our programs.