CK Challenge

The CK Challenge is Club Kidpreneur’s core initiative challenging 8-12 year olds to use a CK Business Kit and our Ready Set Go curriculum to build a business complete with products to sell at a local community market day. The Challenge is to sell enough products at market to pay back their setup costs and donate the profit to charity or their school.

After completing the program kidpreneurs can enter their business into the annual Kidpreneur Awards here to win hundreds of prizes including HP laptop computers.

Developed by our network of educators, entrepreneurs and childcare professionals, the program is designed to be delivered in schools, community groups or online.

About Ready-Set-Go

Ready-Set-Go is a 12-step curriculum teaching 8-12 year old kids to build a business from scratch, design products and learn to sell them at a market day.  The program follows the process entrepreneurs use to start a new venture whether aged 8 or 80 years old.

By following Ready Set Go kidpreneurs will learn to create a business name and logo, research a target market to develop their product design, use a production line and do their own marketing, merchandising and customer service.

The program is directly linked to curriculum outcomes in multiple subject areas including Technologies, Mathematics, English, Science and Arts.  We know that kids learn best through practical, interactive experiences, so Club Kidpreneur has developed Ready Set Go to be used in conjunction with a CK Business Kit which contains all the resources needed to build and launch their own micro-enterprise including Business in a Backpacks, Novels, certificates, business cards a $40 Cleverpatch Gift Card and more for a group of 3 kidpreneurs to build a business together. The Ready Set Go program can be run in 12-36 hours across as little as 4 days or up to multiple school terms.

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