Club Kidpreneur Testimonial: 3 girls raise $700 for local charity

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Three girls from Victory Lutheran College did the CK Challenge with their teacher Jan Coyle in 2014. Aleisha, Lauren and Ellie launched a business in order to raise money for their local charity – Country Hope.20140921_083437

Afterward, the girls were invited to speak about their experience at the Halogen National Young Leaders’ Day in Melbourne. View the video below:

Below is a message from their teacher Jan after the girls presented their $700 cheque to their chosen charity:

What an amazing honour our Inspire Kidprenuers (Lauren, Aleisha and Ellie) had last night!

They were invited to their charity Country Hope’s annual camp for seriously ill children.They got to watch the inspiring and hilarious campers concert and hang out with these amazing kids, their carers and incredible volunters.

The girls went on stage to present their $700 cheque. The response was incredible. In return the girls received special camp t-shirts. Then the entire camp gave the girls an earsplitting special Country Hope chant. Then the crowd (all those very ill children) stood up and clapped and cheered until the (slighly embarrassed) girls walked through them all back to their seats up the back. I have to admit this Mum shed a few tears!!
We were told the money raised would allow 2 extra children on next years camp.  We have promised to stay in touch with the charity and help them out again. This was a humbling and inspiring opportunity for these three quiet girls.
This whole experience has not only taught them about running business. Along the way their confidence has improved, by speaking to the media, dealing with the public and last night making speeches to a packed room. But must importantly, last night they showed true compassion and care for others. They were reminded how lucky they are to have healthy family. They were truely inspired by these kids who are fighting for their lives, yet welcomed us strangers last night with smiles and hugs!
Lifechanging!! Thankyou Club Kidprenuer.



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