Club Kidpreneurs Top 9 Questions About the Program

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Club Kidpreneurs Top 9 Questions About the Program

When teachers are looking at implementing our program they sometimes ask us questions about how it might work for them. So we thought it might be helpful for me to share some of the more common questions, and our responses to them.

1.“How will the program impact our budget?”

As each student pays back the first $25 of their earnings to cover the cost of the CK Business Kit, the program is self-funding. On average, each business raises $140. In the unlikely event that the students don’t earn enough money, the school agrees to cover the cost. However, the program is designed so that the children research the market’s needs before designing a product to meet them, so this reduces the likelihood of this happening.

2.“How would we fit it into our over-crowded curriculum?”

You can include our program in a number of subjects or by weaving the program into multiple subjects, you are able to meet curriculum outcomes across multiple subjects including the new Economics and Business curriculum. Key learning areas that the program includes are Science, Mathematics, the Arts, Technologies, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Click here for more information on the curriculum outcomes.

As the program can be combined with other programs, it doesn’t have to replace them, rather it can supplement them. For example, we had some students who grew cress in their school garden program and developed a business to sell their produce. Other schools have incorporated their craft programs to create products for sale.

3.“How much time do we need?”

The program has been built to be flexible to suit your school and it can now be run at any time of year. You can choose to run it over five days or even spread it out over a term or even two terms.

4.“Do I need to create a new unit?”

Implementing the Ready Set Go curriculum can actually save you time as full lesson plans are provided, it’s all ready to teach, and complete learning resources are provided, however you can edit them as you wish.

5.“What if I don’t know much about business?”

The Ready Set Go curriculum is designed for someone with little to no business knowledge to teach. In each module there are videos, plus complete lesson plans and teaching resources ready to go. And by teaching the program, you’ll be learning about business at the same time.

6.“Isn’t it inappropriate to teach 10-12 year olds about business?”

Through learning about entrepreneurship, students develop the life skills of creativity, confidence, resilience, independence and adaptability. These are skills needed for every child to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world and be equipped for careers that don’t exist yet. And as this is a social enterprise program, we’re teaching kids to use the power of business for good at this early age so they grow up to be global citizens.

7.“I have some students who aren’t very gifted academically or aren’t very interested in school. Will this program work for them?”

We’ve found kids can excel in this program even if they aren’t gifted in the traditional ‘three As’ – academic, artistic and athletic. We’ve also had several parents and teachers share how their kids who were depressed or distracted, had low-self esteem and no confidence or have dyslexia, have all had a transformation through the program, graduating with confidence and a new belief in themselves. This great video features Aaron, who did our program as a holiday camp.

8.“Aren’t there better ways for kids to express themselves than through a business?”

The CK Challenge allows kids to take an activity that they are interested in and turn it into a business. It shows them that they can make a future career out of things they are passionate about. Read Bailey and Luke’s story about how they turned something they loved doing into a business.

9.“Isn’t it too hard for kids to start business all on their own?”

This year we’ve designed the business kits so that 3 kids work together on one business and every kid gets a business in a backpack. Students learn team-work and how to collaborate. This is easier on your school’s budget too as it is now $25 that each student needs to pay back before donating profits last year it was $50.

If you would like to talk further to me about any of the above questions, or have a different question, please feel free to contact me at 0435390174 or email with the best time to call you.

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