How it Works

STEP 1: Order Your Business Kits

Each Business Kit is designed for 3 individual kidpreneurs to launch their own micro-enterprise as a group, complete with products to sell.

Each Business Kit includes:

  • 3x Business in a Backpacks with resources for interactive learning activities for each of the 12 program modules.
  • 3x Curtis the Kidpreneur novels (Literacy Pack available)
  • Shared group resources to build the business itself
  • A $40 Cleverpatch Cleverpatch gift card to source product materials.

STEP 2: Complete the Ready-Set-Go Curriculum

Use Club Kidpreneur’s suite of teaching resources to work through the Ready Set Go Curriculum inside or outside class during any term of your choice.

The program is flexible and can be completed in 12-36 hours across as little as 4 intensive days or up to multiple school terms.

Ready Set Go is mapped to National Curriculum outcomes across multiple learning areas as well as all General Capabilities.

Teaching resources include:

  • CK Challenge Handbook
  • Ready Set Go lesson plans
  • Ready Set Go module videos
  • Supplementary module resources
  • Curtis the Kidpreneur Literacy Pack

STEP 3: Hold a Market Day

Students launch their businesses by selling their products at a market stall. The best place to sell is at a local community market to gain access to a wide range of customers. Markets will often grant free stall space to kidpreneurs who are fundraising for a cause.

Some examples of market stall locations are:

  • Community farmers markets or craft markets
  • Rotary markets
  • Community events where stall space is available
  • Pop-up space at a shopping mall
  • School fetes or other school events

Kidpreneurs can advertise their market stall on the Club Kidpreneur website here.


STEP 4: Donate Profits to a Worthy Cause

After market day, each student pays the first $25 earned ($75 per Business Kit) back to CLub Kidpreneur (through the school) to fund their business set-up costs. This makes the program cost neutral for the school.

All remaining profit is donated to a worthy cause of the kidpreneur’s choice. Valid causes include: school fundraising, charities, sister schools, local community causes etc.

Click here to view program FAQ. 



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