Entrepreneurship Fostering Self-Esteem- Aaron Willis’ Story

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Entrepreneurship Fostering Self-Esteem- Aaron Willis’ Story

Aaron grillingWhile Club Kidpreneur aims to foster entrepreneurial skills in primary-aged children, another key outcome of the program is the confidence and self-esteem kids gain from starting their own businesses, especially those who might be falling through the cracks at school or at home. Few exhibit this more powerfully than Aaron Willis.

Before Aaron completed the Club Kidpreneur program in 2011 he was suffering from severe depression and extremely low self-esteem. Aaron didn’t fit the typical primary student mold as he didn’t feel like he was academically, athletically, or artistically gifted. He was not comfortable speaking in front of people and had even stopped speaking at school. “Beforehand I was really shy. I was not really the type of person to go have conversations with everyone. I wasn’t a big public speaker, I really hated it.”

In 2011, Aaron participated in the Club Kidpreneur program in the Sydney suburb of Redfern where he was led through the process of building and launching a real-world business. Aaron chose to sell hotdogs, naming his business “Awesome Dogs”. Aaron thrived throughout the program and realised that he had a gift for business and was a talented salesman. As a Club Kidpreneur graduate, creating a business empowered Aaron to develop a sense of self-determination and a hope for the future.

Aaron’s mentor Alex Pirouz stated, “Awesome Dogs enabled him to find his passion and helped him complete the transformation of himself from a boy with severely low self-esteem.. 12 months on His business “Awesome Dogs” is thriving and his time at Club Kidpreneur is having a positive impact in other areas of life.”

Although some kidpreneurs would choose to pocket their profits, Aaron decided to reinvest his toward his business. He decided to buy a hotdog machine so that he could further expand and sell hotdogs on a larger scale.Aaron cert

With the confidence that he gained from the CK Challenge Aaron proudly states, “I am part of the student representative council and in the top 2 for all of my subjects at school.” Within the first year of becoming a kidpreneur Aaron was elected school captain and has no hesitation sharing his story to other disenfranchised kids at multiple schools.

After graduating from the program and gaining entrepreneurial and life skills Aaron states, “I know with some hard work, goals and focus I can achieve anything and really succeed in my business.”

Aaron’s mum, Amy, was extremely grateful for the impact that the program had on her son. She states, “The amount of support and valuable life and business skills he has learnt are immeasurable. He has had a complete transformation with a very strong business interest and a much better self-esteem.”

Now 16 years old, Aaron uses the knowledge and skills he has gained to empower others so they can develop successful businesses. Aaron states, “I am currently working with my Dad building his small business into a more successful one. I would not have been as successful today had I not completed the Club Kidpreneur program.”

Below is a video of Aaron’s story.

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