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Go Straight to the Principal’s Office

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Today, I’m asking all Aussie entrepreneurs to report immediately to the principal’s office  and tell their former principal what they wished they had been taught in school- http://www.old.clubkidpreneur.com/stpo/ 

Like many entrepreneurs, I was bored in school and consequently spent far too much time sitting outside the Principal’s office. Meanwhile, outside of school, I started my first business at 11 years old – a strawberry-picking empire. It was created so my younger brother and I could buy a Commodore 64 computer. We bought 500 strawberry plants and planted them. To be honest, we were not very hopeful because the plants looked like dead twigs but come summer we were rewarded with bucket after bucket of juicy red berries.  With our focus on the end-goal, we sold our fresh strawberries beside the highway on weekends. We learnt about marketing and painted our own sign to encourage drivers to stop.  We offered free samples knowing that as soon as they tasted the plump, juicy berries they wouldn’t be able to resist – they were putty in our hands! We learnt how to price, haggle and up-sell. Once our customers were hooked on the fresh, heart- shaped berries and not to mention good value, we encouraged them to buy another basket or two appealing to the concept of a bargain. In the end, not only did our profits get us our desirable Commodore 64 but we also bought a video and new set of golf clubs.

Back at school, things were less exciting. I was bored at school but when I placed the strawberry business into context of what was being taught, the lessons made sense. I could suddenly see the value of maths because we needed to decide on a price and count our earnings each day. I understood the need for English and Art because we needed to create compelling signs to attract customers to stop and buy the strawberries. All of a sudden, the subjects were much less abstract and I could see why they were necessary which made learning much more relevant and interesting.

Presently, youth unemployment is a global issue. Too many young people are leaving school and university without necessary life skills. And when they can’t find a job they become despondent and youth unemployment increases, exposing youths to at-risk behaviour. Such issues that stem from unengaged youths in the education system represents a colossal waste of potential for young people themselves and their communities. Teaching young people about business early can liberate them even if they aren’t particularly athletic, artistic or academic. They don’t need to ‘find’ a job but can ‘create’ a business by providing a product or service that other people are willing to pay for.

I founded the Club Kidpreneur Foundation because I wanted to make a positive impact on society, by helping young people learn entrepreneurial skills and develop  the resilience needed to thrive in an ever-changing world – regardless of the social sector they were born into.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had I been taught business in school, the time I spent in the Principal’s office would have been because he was encouraging rather than reprimanding me!

Entrepreneurial skills are life skills, and we want to harness the power of all entrepreneurs to get that message across to schools all over Australia and beyond. Our Straight to the Principal’s Office campaign asks entrepreneurs to send a letter to the principal of their old school, telling them what they wish they’d been taught in school and how programs like Club Kidpreneur can benefit their students and school.

The CK Challenge is a self-funding, early intervention program that teaches financial literacy and basic business skills to upper-primary students by encouraging them to build a business from scratch, design products and sell them at a market day. Profit from their business is then donated to charity, developing global citizenship and corporate responsibility in students. Find out more about the campaign at http://www.old.clubkidpreneur.com/stpo/

So if you are a successful entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur, and you want to make a positive contribution to our society,  please go straight to the Principal’s office and encourage them to take a look at the CK Challenge for their school.

Get involved – help us spread the word through social media, include  #teachkidsthis and tag @clubkidpreneur and share your story.

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