Improvements to Club Kidpreneur’s 2015 program

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Over the past 6 months, we’ve sought feedback from over 50 teachers who have run our program in their schools over the last 2 years. We’re now pleased to announce that we have made some significant improvements to Club Kidpreneur’s program for 2015:

Renamed Program

After a phase of upgrade and redevelopment, we’re pleased to announce Club Kidpreneur’s primary initiative is officially named the CK Challenge. This is where students use a CK Business Kit to work through the Ready Set Go curriculum and build a business in groups of three. The challenge is for each kidpreneur to earn enough to pay back their business costs of $25 and donate all remaining profit to a charity of their choice.

Greater value, lower cost

Previously the first $50 earned per child was paid back to Club Kidpreneur. By supplying one business kit for 3 kids, we have been able to reduce this to $25 per student. Remember, this is paid for out of the business earnings if each child makes $25 or more. So this means more profit for charity and a self-funding program for your school.

Participate any time of year

You can now decide when to run the program and over which period of time, whether it be an intensive 5 day program, one term or over the whole year. Or you could have the program integrate with a complementary program such as a kitchen garden or craft project, which creates a product to sell.
Deeper curriculum links for all Australian states
We’ve mapped out the key learning outcomes and General Capabilities of the Australian National Curriculum that the program addresses across multiple learning areas . It can now be used as an integrated unit of work or specifically within Technologies, Mathematics, Economics & Business, English, Civics & Citizenship, Science, The Arts (Drama, Visual Arts, Media Arts) and more.

Kids in teams of three

Our experience has shown that the CK Challenge works best when the kids work in teams of three. Each team receives a CK Business Kit, containing a Business in a Backpack for each individual and group resources to build a business. Find out more about the benefits of a team of three.

Unleashing more creativity in kids

Instead of receiving a pre-defined product to make, kidpreneurs can now use their creative ideas to design their own product to sell. Each group of 3 receives a $40 CleverPatch gift card in their CK Business Kit to order the raw materials of their choice. Kids will learn to budget and teachers will coordinate the order process.

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