Join Club Kidpreneur through school!

Are you ready to take on the CK CHALLENGE?! You can use a Business in a Backpack to build a business in a group of 3, complete with products to sell at a market day. The Challenge is to pay back your setup costs and donate all the profit to a charity of your choice. Afterwards enter the CK Challenge online and you can win tonnes of awesome prizes including HP laptop computers!

You can do the CK Challenge at your school by downloading a letter to give to your Principal.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click the button below to download the letter
  2. Open the letter and write your details in the parts that are RED. (Today’s date, your name, your class number and your name again).
  3. Fill in the parts of the letter that are RED with your details. Then take the letter to your principal
  4. Print the letter off and take it to your principal to ask them if you can do the program at your school.

Are you finished the CK Challenge and ready to enter the competition? Click here to enter.