Straight to the Principal’s Office – Parents


Help us to go straight to the principal’s office of your kid’s school

The CK Challenge:

  • Develops your child’s vital life skills including financial literacy, confidence, adaptability, creativity and resilience.
  • Allows all kinds of students to excel in this program – the ‘extravert’ and the ‘introvert’, the ‘creative’ and the ‘academic’, the ‘rebel’ and the ‘coaster’.
  • Helps your child develop their worldview, ethical understanding and social responsibility, plus provides community engagement.

If you would like us to introduce our program to your child’s school, simply fill in the form below, and include a few words about why you would like your child to do the CK Challenge in school. We will post the letter to the principal and send you a copy by email.


Go back to school!

You can also offer go to the school to talk to the kids and inspire them by telling them about your career. You could also offer to be a mentor if they do the program and share your knowledge and skills with budding kidpreneurs.


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