The CK Challenge is Club Kidpreneur’s core initiative challenging 8-12 year olds to use a CK Business Kit and our Ready Set Go curriculum to build a business complete with products to sell at a local community market day. The Challenge is to sell enough products at market to pay back their setup costs and donate the profit to charity or their school. Prizes are awarded to the best businesses each term.

The Club Kidpreneur program has broad curriculum links for delivery in schools. The Curriculum Handbook and Lesson Plans are used in conjunction with CK Business Kits to practically guide students through the process of starting their own business. The program always ends with a market day event where kidpreneurs gain confidence and resilience through selling their products to their target market. Through the CK Challenge, students are challenged to make enough money to pay back their startup costs and donate the remaining profit to charity or their school.

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Why do the CK Challenge?

  • Meet curriculum outcomes across multiple subject areas including STEM, English, Economics & Business, Civics & Citizenship through real world experiential learning.
  • The program complements programs you’re already doing by teaching students to turn an activity into a business e.g. if you have a kitchen garden, teach your students to turn it into an enterprise through selling plants in the CK Challenge.
  • Foster the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities in your students. Entrepreneurial skills are life skills, so your students will grow in confidence, resilience, financial literacy, interpersonal skills, creativity & critical thinking and ethical understanding.
  • Enhance your school’s community engagement as students design products that solve a problem identified in their local community, then sell to the general public in a safe and secure environment at market day.
  • The program is self-funding for the school as students cover their program costs out of the money raised at market day. The rest of the money raised is donated to a cause of their choice, so the program doubles as a fundraising opportunity.
  • The program can be customised to suit any school context (in class, extra-curricular activity, leadership or G&T program) and can be done in as little as 5 school days or up to across multiple school terms – you choose.

Programs the CK Challenge Complements

Your school is most likely running many programs already. The CK Challenge aims to complement and add dimension to those by teaching students to turn that program into a business. Programs may include:

  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden – learn to sell your plants
  • Samaritan’s Purse / Operation Christmas Child – raise funds to send your shoebox to a child in need and fill it with your products!
  • Life Education / Healthy Harold – start a business to promote health or drug awareness
  • Moneysmart – learn to be personally financially literate and how to start a business
  • Kids Matter / Brita Futures Program – start a business that helps builds cross-cultural relationships in your community
  • Any program you run can be used as the basis of starting a business through the CK Challenge.

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To run the CK Challenge at your school all you need to do is decide how many students will participate, then order enough CK Business Kits for them to work in groups of 3 to launch their own business. When you know how many Kits you require, simply click Sign Up below to order your CK Business Kits and gain access to the teaching resources.



  • “What an amazing journey our kidpreneurs have been on! Our groups forgot it was a competition and focused on the goal. After our Market Day we reviewed what it means to be successful in our micro-business. The children have decided it was not just about profit. What has made it a success is how we worked in teams, the effort and time we put in, the quality of our work, thinking outside of the box, and how we approach people. These are some very worthy values our year 6’s and 7’s will be taking with them as they move into high school.”
    Andrea Webb
    Teacher, VIC
  • Our students were able to take charge of their learning and have the opportunity to further their understanding of how real life businesses operate. It has given them the chance to start thinking of how they might continue their own small business in the future. The students developed their confidence and had a sense of pride at the end of the program. It enabled our two Year 6/7 classes to collaborate and work together, building stronger relationships within our school community. The students absolutely loved being part of the program and the teachers were very happy to be able to implement such a rich learning task.
    Jacqui Simpson
    School Counsellor
  • I thought Club Kidpreneur was awesome. It made me think about starting a business from a different perspective, more practically I guess. Now I’m starting another business making word collages
    Charlotte B.
    Kidpreneur, 12yo