Program Cost

Program Cost

The CK Challenge program resources have been redeveloped and upgraded to provide more value to each kidpreneur business and teacher.

  • All program teaching resources and lesson plans are provided to schools at no cost.
  • An upfront registration fee of $28.00* is the only out of pocket expense.
  • The rest of the program pays for itself through the CK Challenge where each business pays back its set-up costs of $25 per kidpreneur ($75 per Business Kit**) to the Club Kidpreneur Foundation at the end of the program. This $75 goes toward funding the physical components of each Business Kit (valued at over $120). Payment is not required until the end of the term of commencement.

Kidpreneurs donate all remaining profit to a charity or cause of their choice. If students donate to the school it can even be a fundraising exercise.

*This fee is waived for schools attending the Halogen National Young Leaders Day.
**If a business doesn’t make $75 or more, the school is required to cover the balance to pay $75 per business kit to Club Kidpreneur at the end of the program
Note: Prices exclude GST which can be claimed back by the school


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