Who should be an Entrepreneur? – Creel Price | Engenius

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Who should be an Entrepreneur? – Creel Price | Engenius


The standard answer to this question is that only a few people are really cut out to be entrepreneurs. When we think of the word entrepreneur we instinctively think of heavy hitters such as Sir Richard Branson or Steve Jobs – people that have created business after business and become very rich in the process. Conventional wisdom suggests that entrepreneurs are born and not made and that these people will usually have demonstrated some entrepreneurial flair by the time they are teenagers.

Certainly that was true for me. My first business began when I was 11 years old. My brother and I really wanted a computer – a Commodore 64 no less! Of course they were new at the time and pretty expensive so there was no way our parents were going to buy it for us. We had however witnessed the wonders of pick-your-own-strawberries and believed that green leafy rows bursting with ruby red strawberries could pave the way to our much sought after computer. As it turned out the fledgling business was so successful it bought us the computer, a video recorder and a TV! And for a while it became a valuable source of revenue that supplemented the family farm – struggling at the time because of a drought. I had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

But I’ve come to appreciate there is more than one way to skin the entrepreneurial cat! I actually believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur but there is scale of entry and you need to match how you do it with your personality and who you are.

If you are like me you probably just want to jump in. You’re probably the sort of person that sees opportunities everywhere and is constantly dreaming up new business ideas. You relish risk and are probably naturally out-going and self confident. The ‘sink or swim’ approach can however be stressful. It can be made a little less stressful if you don’t already have a family and commitments that need to be considered. It is after all much easier being bold when you are the only person who will suffer if you fail. That said often it is the thought of letting loved ones down that can be the driving force behind success.

But it’s definitely not for everyone. If you like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don’t feel ready or confident enough to take that first big leap into the unknown then consider buying into a franchise. That way you have the back up of a tried and tested system that can guide you toward success. You get to appreciate the mechanics of business without having to reinvent the wheel and learn everything from scratch. Most people vastly under-estimate the business of business. In other words they think that being an expert in a specific skill is all they need to launch their entrepreneurial dream. It’s not. There is a huge number of constantly shifting moving parts in a successful business and a franchise ensures that many of those are taken care of for you by someone else. Then once you are comfortable running a successful franchise you can buy more or jump into a new start up.

The other option that may suit you is to become a 2IC to an entrepreneur. This can be a fantastic way to appreciate what’s involved and get hands on experience without the full weight of responsibility. This can also be a brilliant approach for someone ambitious who doesn’t necessarily have many financial obligations. You could for example offer your services to an entrepreneur for free because the education and experience you will receive could be invaluable. Learning from someone who is already walking the path you want to walk – even for 6 months to a year can make a huge difference to your eventual success.

Even if you believe that you are better off as an employee or don’t really consider yourself an entrepreneur – ask yourself is that your choice or is it just what’s been drummed into you over the years? As a society we are taught from a very young age that we should go to school, work hard and get good qualifications so we can slot into the corporate machine but that’s not for everyone either. If you have ever dreamt of running your own business or being your own boss then the first thing you need to do is believe in yourself and make it a possibility in your mind.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur – it’s just about finding the right route to that outcome that fits with your innate personality and making the move at the right stage in your life, for the right opportunity.

Creel Price
Founder | Club Kidpreneur Foundation
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